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Interested in submitting your own article? You can either join our team of young writers or do a one-time submission!

Join our team

We’re always looking for new writers and artists! Writers and artists can expect to publish 1-2 pieces of content each month. If you’re interested, e-mail us your resume and a short sample of writing that would showcase your abilities as a science writer. In your e-mail, tell us a bit about yourself and which science category (or categories) you would like to contribute to. If you would like to join as an illustrator or artist, send us your resume and sample illustrations.

One-time submission

E-mail us either your written article, or an idea for an article. We’ll tell you whether or not it’s approved. If you send an article and it’s approved, it goes directly into the magazine. If you send an idea and it’s approved, you can go ahead and write the article. We’ll publish it when you send it.

Send all applications or inquiries to