All GVHSSA staff are student volunteers! We would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their hard work to enable students across Greater Vancouver to be engaged in the science opportunities.

Board of Directors:
President: Patrick (Siu Hei) Wong
Vice-president: David (Da Wei) Zheng
Secretary: Vicky Wang
Treasurer: Maxine Chen
Director-at-large: Arthur Chen

Expansion Team:
Strategy Director: Arthur Chen
Outreach Assistant: Sei Park
HSO Assistant: Billy Lin
Expasion Assistant: Paul Kebede

External Relations:
External Relations Officer: Jessica Ma

Finance Team:
Sponsorship Executive: David Zhang
Treasurer: John Shadarevian

Human Resources Team:
Human Resources Officer: Wayne Tse

IT Team:
IT Director: Tim Branch

Marketing Team:
Marketing Executive: Edward Luo
Content Designer: Victor Lee

Program Leads:
Operations Director: Maxine Chen
Portal Tours Coordinator: Jessica Ma
Portal Tours Coordinator: David Yin
Scope Distributions Chief Editor: Sherry Yuan
VHSO Executive: Alice Li
VHSO Assistant: Robert Wang

Of course, VHSO would not where it is without its alumni.