Top row, left to right: Patrick Wong, David Zheng, David Yin, Vicky Wang, Christina Cheung
Bottom row, left to right: Matthew Li, Jessica Ip, Priscilla Choi, Laurie Chang, Tim Branch
Missing: Arthur Chen, Sorah Eun, Derek Zeng

 Board of Directors

Laurie Chang

Thank you for your interest in our organization! With the help of our supporters and diligent staff, the organization has grown from a few scattered school clubs to a BC non-profit operating to benefit students in more than five Greater Vancouver cities. We are always working to improve and expand our science outreach programs. As President, I welcome feedback, and am open to discuss ideas for partnership, expansion, and improvement. And so, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Vice President
Patrick Wong

Arthur Chen

Vicky Wang

Chief Executive
Priscilla Choi


Chief Executive
Priscilla Choi

The Chief Executive plans out the future of the organization holistically with input from all executives and the Board of Directors. She is responsible for monitoring the execution of the tasks she assigns, in particular interdisciplinary work because of her role as the go-between for departments. She and the Board of Directors are responsible for reviewing the work of the organization for quality.

Communications Executive
Christina Cheung

The Communications Executive deals with areas such as law making, representation, and public communication. Aiming to inspire a diverse population of staff to commit to making science accessible, she must ensure that the messages concisely articulate the organization’s vision. Working closely with the marketing department and sponsorship department, the communication department builds a strong local network by establishing relationships with a variety of media and organizations.

Expansion/Outreach Executive
Mohammad Hossein Asadi Lari

The expansion executive oversees the GVHSSA’s outreach initiatives, aiming to establish a nationwide student scientific association for high school students. He is tasked with establishing new contacts in areas of interest and establishing cooperation with other organizations and interested high school/university students interested in promoting these initiatives, working closely with the board of directors and all GVHSSA departments.

If you are interested in working with us in establishing a local committee in your area, please feel free to contact our expansion executive.

Finance Executive
Matthew Li

The Finance Executive plans and organizes fundraisers for the GVHSSA, working with the Treasurer to track funds, ensuring that GVHSSA programs are properly funded, particularly the VHSO. He also works closely with the Sponsorship Executive and Marketing Executive, and coordinates with volunteers to carry out these fundraisers.

Human Relations
Patrick Wong

The human resources manager is responsible for any concerns regarding the volunteers within the organization. He overlooks the recruitment process and also keeps track of all current volunteers.

IT Executive
Tim Branch

The IT Executive is responsible for maintaining and updating the organization’s family of websites. He is also responsible for other technical issues, such as managing the executive team’s webmail services. Finally, he deals with all relationships with other IT-related organizations, such as web-hosting.

Marketing Executive
Jessica Ip

The Marketing Executive leads a team of graphic designers, photographers and marketing assistants to produce promotional material for all GVHSSA fundraisers and programs including the VHSO, Scope Distribution and Portal Tours. In addition, she is responsible for running the organization’s social media accounts and ensuring that all content is appropriate.

Portal Tours Program Director
Derek Zeng

The Portal Tours Co-Director helps in organizing and facilitating a tour of a facility that utilizes, discovers, and engages with cutting-edge scientific knowledge. The Co-Director is also responsible for contacting potential tour locations for an arrangement and handling advertising and logistics of the tour.

Scope Distribution Program Director
Sorah Eun

Scope Distribution Program Director is in charge of overseeing the Scope Distribution team to make sure that appropriate scientific magazines are being published an distributed over the Greater Vancouver region

Sponsorship Director
David Zheng

The Sponsorship team is in charge of seeking and maintaining mutually beneficial connections between GVHSSA and companies that support our goals.

VHSO Program Director
David Yin

The VHSO Program Director is responsible for addressing any general inquiries regarding the Vancouver High School Science Olympics, tracking all VHSO event details, and communicating between the program and GVHSSA.