Scope: The Amazing Gadgets You’ll Likely Never Get

160108-ehang-drone-mn-0955_a27bf747bd3bbad7e762babbdfd79c99.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000 From dual-sided televisions to a fitness band that lets you play Pacman while exercising, CES 2016 had it all. The annual Consumer Electronics Show took place this year at Las Vegas from January 6th to 9th and showcased gadgets of all kinds, ranging from revamped products like Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 tablet with a plethora of new features, to the absolutely bizarre like iFit’s NordicTrack Escape Treadmill with a curved OLED TV in front. Whatever your intended uses for things like these, though, the tech and innovation offered at CES this year were nothing short of amazing.

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Portal: Boreal Genomics – Feb 5, 2016

Interested in biotechnology and cancer research? Sign up for a tour of Boreal Genomics, the home of a team of molecular biologists, engineers and physicists who are working on developing the first practical method for non-invasive tumor profiling. Learn more about Boreal Genomics at their website: http://www.borealgenomics.com/

When: Feb 5, 2016, 4:00-5:00PM
Where: 2368 East Mall
SIGN UP HERE: http://goo.gl/forms/Dvorq2aPki

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Scope: New Horizons

On January 19, 2006, the New Horizons probe departed Cape Canaveral. The probe, similar in size to a grand piano, contains millions of dollars in pluto-probe-300x200scientific equipment. Its mission was simple – to gather and transmit qualitative and quantitative data on both the Kuiper Belt and Pluto. Using this data, scientists can further understand the formation and development of the early solar system. ­­

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Scope: A New Form of Nuclear Energy

Have you ever looked at the sun as a child and pondered how it manages to fuel itself every day without fail? If you’re a science enthusiast like many of us here at Scope, you too likely wondered why the sun didn’t have to go to the nearest Chevron to get more gas every once in a while. For many of us as children, the sun was like a befuddling ball of fire that should have burned out years ago! In fact, the force behind the sun’s self-sustenance is as interesting as it is confusing. And this very force acting as the most important source of energy for life could very realistically, within a few decades, become the most substantial source of commercial energy for humans as well.

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Scope: Science Chat with Teresa Law


Teresa Law is a fourth year UBC co-op student studying chemistry. For her current work term, she is at STEMCELL Technologies as an analytical chemist. She is expected to graduate from UBC with a minor in French after one more year. Prior to her co-op experience, she had been involved with UBC’s Let’s Talk Science and completed the UBC Science One Program. Teresa is also a graduate from David Thompson Secondary School in Vancouver and was a leader of the school’s Green Team, in which she and other Green Team leaders initiated the community-wide composting project BIoCYCLE as a part of Vancouver Foundation’s Generation Green Awards.

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Portal: AMPEL Tour

One advantages of studying science is that you get to work with some of the most cutting-edge materials made on Earth, such as nanomaterials, superconductors, and microscopic biomedical devices. Have you ever wondered, how are they made?

In this two-part tour of UBC’s Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory, we will give you a snapshot of the research and development behind cutting-edge technology, and how different fields of science can work together to ccollaborate on different research projects.

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Scope: Aspartame: The Universal Killer

cokeDo you know what’s in your soda? Aspartame, a universal, calorie-free sweetener, can cause cancer, seizures, multiple sclerosis, and even depression. A brief search on the internet yields thousands of accounts of these negative experiences; reports range from an increased heart rate to Parkinson’s disease. Based on this information, it should be easy to decide to give up aspartame and resort to naturally sweetened beverages, or better yet healthy juices, instead. With further research, however, one can see that these claimed “side-effects” hold little scientific credibility.

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Recruiting Marketing Team Members

We’re hiring new members to join our creative Marketing Team! If you guys have passion for graphics and design and would love to put your skills into action, then apply to be part of our team!
The Marketing Team is responsible for photography, making posters and other miscellaneous designs.

Applications end on the 30th, but get yours in soon!

Our application is here!https://gvhssarecruitment.typeform.com/to/chEwxM

For samples, check out our old folder!