Vancouver High School Science Olympics

The Vancouver High School Science Olympics (VHSO) is a series of science competitions that spans each school year. It is divided into three leagues by geographic region: West (Vancouver, Richmond), East (Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody), and South (Surrey, Delta, Langley). Each league holds its own separate competitions for the greater part of the school year, while a finale event organized by all of the leagues together concludes the year’s VHSO in June.
If you are interested in participating in the VHSO, please contact your school’s science club to see if it can attend. If your school does not have a science club, but you are still interested in competing, please visit our VHSO contact page.

Scope Distribution

Scope Distribution (SD) is a new program in the GVHSSA that has been established to provide online science magazines to high school students throughout the Greater Vancouver region. Not only is it a great opportunity for readers to stay updated on interesting topics and the news of the scientific world, but it is also a way for passionate student writers to engage in and write science-related articles that they can publish through SD! Scope is currently recruiting qualified members; it is looking for more editors and regular writers.

Portal Tours

Portal Tours (PT) provides students the opportunity to see first-hand the scientific work conducted by research organizations and businesses such as TRIUMF and D-Wave Systems. By organizing tours of these places, PT aims to help students see the broader applications of science as well as the depth in opportunities in research. The experiences students gain from PT will hopefully inspire them in their own endeavours in science.