About Us

The Vancouver High School Science Olympics is a science competition run by the Greater Vancouver High School Science Association. The VHSO is the first science competition held on a regular basis for students in the Greater Vancouver region, but we’re more than just another science competition.


We go outside the box of a regular school curriculum. We believe that textbooks are not the only viable educational resource for students. We believe that learning is best fostered through factors such as friendly competition, curiosity and inquiry. Our challenges require teamwork, hands-on experiences, and the ability to apply knowledge from textbooks. At the same time, we want to keep the competition fun with photobooths, selfie contests, etc.


We don’t discriminate students based on gender, race or academic standing. We include every student wishing to compete within the Vancouver High School Science Olympics in the spirit of friendly competition. In order to be accessible, VHSO competitions are divided into league events by geographic regions. We also run competitions multiple times a year, so even students with busy schedules can participate!

Student-led and Student-oriented

The Vancouver High School Science Olympics was founded by students, and run by students. We don’t see high school students as a demographic, we see them as our equals. We strongly focus on the aspects of the students we strive to serve. In this way, we are not only engaging youth in participating in science challenges, but also in volunteering to create and run these VHSO competitions.



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